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Bird Feeder Accessories

The Lantern Hill provides all types of bird feeder accessories to make your feeder the go-to destination for the birds in your neighborhood.  A weather proof / squirrel proof dome is an easy way to protect the bird seed mix in your feeder from the elements and from marauders trying to steal a meal from your feathered friends.  Dry bird seed in your feeders is especially important to prevent seed-rot and keep the birds visiting your feeders healthy.  Adding a seed catching tray to your bird feeder is another great way to keep the birds coming back time after time, while saving you time and money.  Birds are not always the tidiest eaters, meaning that not all of the food you put in your bird feeder will make it into a bird’s beak.  A onetime investment in a seed catching tray minimizes the number of seeds that fall to the ground, which means fewer refills, less sprouting under your feeder, and more money in your pocket.

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