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Save Your Bird Feeders With Our Incredible Squirrel Repellents


Watching the birds feed in your yard is so much fun and very entertaining. The problem is that many of us waste our money on bird feed that the squirrels get into! At Lantern Hill we provide high quality solutions for your garden, yard, and bird viewing hobby. We understand how troublesome squirrels can be so we offer a large variety of squirrel repellents for you to choose from.

Don't waste another dollar on bird feed that will just be eaten by squirrels. We have so many great options for you to choose from that will help with this problem! If you want to keep the squirrels out, a wonderful solution is the Essentials Squirrel Resistant Suet Palace. This bird palace comes with a metal plate that is specifically designed to keep squirrels as well as other pesky animals like grackles and starlings out of the way so that the birds can eat in peace. This palace is durable and it will last you for years to come! Although this is a great solution to keep the squirrels out all together, we also have some great products just to keep them away from the bird food. An excellent way to keep them out of your bird feeders is by giving them their own food source! The Songbird Essentials Squirrels Jar Feeder will allow you to feed those squirrels, and get a good look at them as they enjoy their dinner. 

If you want to keep the squirrels away from your bird feeders, then you should turn to Lantern Hill! We have a wide variety of options that can keep the squirrels away so that your birds can eat in peace. Shop with us today.