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Our Squirrel Repellents Can Keep the Squirrels Away!


Squirrels are a common nuisance among bird lovers. They invade our bird feeders and they are nearly impossible to stop, until now. At Lantern Hill we are passionate about bird watching so we have set out to offer the best products at the best prices for your bird watching hobby. We have some of the best squirrel repellents around, and what's even better is that they actually work!

Although there are many good options available for you to repel squirrels from your bird feeder, a truly spectacular option is the Squirrel Buster Classic. This high quality feeder keeps the squirrels away so that your birds can eat in peace. This bird feeder has a cage like structure around the outside that will slide down with the weight of even the smallest squirrel. Although this feeder is completely safe for squirrels, they won't have a chance at getting the bird feed that is inside! Not only is this bird feeder 100% squirrel proof, it is economical and so easy to use! 

You don't have to spend all of your hard earned money on bird feed that is hogged by squirrels, keep them away with one of the best squirrel repellents in the industry. We believe in the products that we sell, so with each and every order you will also get our satisfaction guarantee. We offer great prices everyday, but right now you can save even more. We are offering 10% off of everything in our store, don't wait this offer won't last forever, shop with us today.

Save Your Bird Feeders With Our Incredible Squirrel Repellents

Watching the birds feed in your yard is so much fun and very entertaining. The problem is that many of us waste our money on bird feed that the squirrels get into! At Lantern Hill we provide high quality solutions for your garden, yard, and bird viewing hobby. We understand how troublesome squirrels can be [...]

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