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Oriole Feeders

Watching an oriole enjoy your backyard or garden can be a magnificent treat, and adding an oriole feeder is one way to attract this beautiful bird.  Oriole nectar feeders are specially designed for the task as they are colored bright orange and have a relatively wide, short access hole to the oriole nectar to accommodate an oriole’s beak.  Make sure to clean your oriole feeder regularly in order to deter bees and other insects like ants that may be interested in the feeder.  Other types of feeders are specially designed to hold fruit, jelly, and other delicious meals for the orioles visiting your area.

 Though they migrate to South and Central America every year, Orioles can be found almost everywhere in the United States and southern Canada.  Some orioles begin migrating from their winter vacations in South and Central America in February, although the peak months of migration through the southern United States are March and April.  Most orioles have reached their homes in the northern United States by May and early June.  An oriole feeder and well stocked selection of fruit will be a welcome sight to orioles on their long journey from the south to north.  Orioles will continue to utilize your feeders during the summer and early fall months before they head back to the south for the winter.

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