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Window Nesting Boxes

Watching a bird use the nesting box in your backyard can be a real treat, but wouldn’t it be even better if you could actually see what was going on inside?  Window nesting boxes allow you to do just that!  Imagine being able to watch as the birds build their nest, lay their eggs, hatch, feed, and raise their young.  Even imagine being able to watch as mom and dad teach their babies how to fly.  Window nesting boxes are constructed of the same wooden or recycled materials as other nesting boxes, but have only three sides.  The nesting box is completed when it is attached to your window using very strong suction cups.  A mirror film that attaches to your window is often provided so that you can see the birds in the nesting box, but they cannot see you.  An added benefit of a window nesting box is how easy it is to clean – just remove it from the window when the bird tenants vacate and give it a good cleaning with a mild detergent and water.

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