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Window Warnings

Though estimates vary widely, we do know that tens or even hundreds of millions of birds die each year because of collisions with windows.  One professor/ornithologist estimates that up to 5% of the 20 billion birds in the United States are killed from window collisions in any given year.  Birds simply do not see the clear glass.  Fortunately, this problem has a solution.  Adding a decal to a window is one easy solution to warn birds that they are flying at a hard barrier.  The Lantern Hill offers some very attractive and decorative window decals for just this purpose.  Other steps that you can take to alert birds to your windows include hanging a bird feeder directly in front of the glass.  Birds will slow down or stop before they get to it.  If you have blinds, leave them down or across the window but open them to let light in as opposed to letting light in by completely pulling them up or to one side.

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